Welcome to Caribbean Pool Service!

  • Residential Pool

    We provide full residential pool cleaning and repairs.

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  • Pump Room Service

    We offer small pump room repairs all the way up to complete pump room rebuilds.

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  • Plaster Repair

    We offer a complete overhaul of your pool to fix those nasty plaster cracks.

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  • Commercial Maintainence

    We offer a wide variety of commercial maintainence for all types of pools.

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Welcome to Caribbean Pool Service

Established in 1994, Caribbean Pool Service has gained in reputation of quality pool servicing and repairs. We have experienced pool service and maintenance techs that are trained to service all your pool needs.

We provide pool maintenance on a regular schedule, prepare pools for spring and winter, sell chemicals, install chemical automated systems using bleach, salt systems and repair leaks, lights, equipment and plumbing. We also work in conjunction with Pearl Plaster to provide pool renovation services such as plaster, coping and tile. We are licensed and insured. Read More...

What Sets Us Apart?

At Caribbean Pool Service, we have a better way to do things than any company in the area.
  • We keep chemical tanks in climate controlled area. The #1 killer of bleach is sun and #2 is heat.
  • We make custom blended acid to control PH and works and filters enhancer and flocculent clarifier, removes small trace of heavy metals and phosphates.
  • Under our delivery under maintenance program, we are only company to add phosphate remover.
  • As part of contract, we don’t charge to come out for chemical balancing, algae or clarification problems.

Call us at 704-795-7665 to set up an appointment!