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Automated Chemical Services

Are your tired of the smell, mess, and time of filling up chlorinators every two or three days and keeping up with purchasing chemicals to maintain the proper chemical balance on your pool or spa?  THEN READ ON.

 Listed are some of the services Caribbean Pool offers to help you maintain your pool or spa. We provide Aquasol/Accutrol Controllers, Chemicals (ie. chlorine, acid, sodium bicarbonate, calcium, test strips, stabilizer and algaecide and clarifier as needed)  on site pump-room and pool training, $100.00 discount on CPO training and a 10% discount on all parts and repairs.  .

We supply an automatic electronic chemical controller with our chemicals.  We can do this for the price your property is now paying (or less) for their chemicals, while reducing labor time to maintain pool chemistry.  We supply liquid chlorine and acid to control your ORP (chlorine) and pH.  With this system monitoring and controlling chemicals each minute of the day, we can guarantee that the pool or spa chemicals are in balance 24 hours a day.  In addition, we figure our contract pricing for the year and divide this over the 12 month period to help with budgeting and payment.  We guarantee our contract price not to change for the year. 

Benefits of our chemical program:

  1. A chemical controller that monitors your pool chemicals 24-hours a day with all the     service and repairs at no charge.
  2. All the chemicals that your pool will use at a guaranteed price.
  3.  Eliminate the liabilities of not maintaining chlorine levels for your guests.
  4.  Chemicals delivered to your location every three weeks.
  5.  Each visit, your pool or spa readings are recorded and you are notified if they are out of             balance.
  6.  Steady and constant chlorine and pH levels.
  7.  The use of liquid bleach and pool acid that has no odor.
  8.  No chemicals  to touch, no fumes, and no chlorinators to fill reduces liabilities for maintenance personnel.

Imagine, all you have to do is clean the pool and check the chemical levels in the pool.If you had any chemical related problems or questions about your pool, all you have to do is call for instructions to correct the problem or we can come to your location at no charge.