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Spring Time Pool Opening:

Commercial openings include:

  • Remove, clean, fold and store pool cover.
  • Test water balance; adjust calcium, alkalinity and pH levels as well as salt if applicable.
  • Reassemble pool filtration system by installing equipment plugs, replacing pump and skimmer baskets, installing automatic pool cleaner, replace handrails if applicable.
  • Inspect and test electrical service for pumps, lights, heaters, etc.
  • Lube plugs, fittings, valves and o-rings if needed.
  • Flood lines, prime, start-up and adjust filtration equipment.
  • Brush tiles and skimmers.
  • Blow off and wash pool deck.
  • Skim pool surface. Vacuum pool to waste by using portable vacuum equipment.
  • Brush pool walls and steps. Re-check chemical levels in 12-24 hrs, adjust as needed.
  • Backwash filter if pressure gauge rises 8-10 lbs, or flow diminishes considerably.
  • We leave your pool “swim ready!"


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