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Commercial Pool Maintenance

Caribbean Pool Service offers a daily pool service plan to commercial customers.

Commercial pool service includes:

Pool Cleaning:

  1. The pool itself will be checked and vacuumed, brushed or leaf vacuumed as needed.
  2. The skimmers will be checked and emptied as needed
  3. Tile will be cleaned as needed. 
  4. Water level adjusted.
  5. Chemicals checked and balanced as needed.

(Extra clean up due to parties, vandalism, and or force majeure (acts of god) will be charged $75.00 per hour).

Pump Room:

  1. Pump baskets checked and emptied. 
  2. Filters checked and backwashed as needed.
  3. Equipment checked for noticeable repairs, leaks etc.
  4. Chemical supplies


Restroom Cleaning: (Optional)

  1. Depending on floor type, the floor will be swept out, mopped or washed out with water. 
  2. Toilets, sinks, and mirrors will be cleaned. 
  3. Showers will be washed out. 
  4. Toilet paper and paper towels restocked as needed.
  5. Spider webs will be cleaned as needed.

(Extra clean up due to parties and or vandalism will be charged $75.00 per hour)

Pool Deck:

  1. The deck will be blown off as needed.
  2. All furniture will be straightened.
  3. Check for proper signs and safety equipment and replace as required.


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