Welcome to Caribbean Pool Service!

In 1994, the owner moved in a community where they built a new swimming pool.  None of the other pool companies in the area would take care of the pool so in May of 1994, Randy Lapish and one of the teenagers in the community volunteered to help open the pool  and maintain the swimming pool.  That was the start of Caribbean Pool Service.  By the end of the summer, the company had seven pools that they were cleaning and maintaining.

In 1995, Randy became associated with Aquasol Controllers to automate the pools to maintain the chemical levels of chlorine and PH automatically.  Randy worked in conjunction with another distributor to deliver the chemicals that was required.  In 1996, Randy started servicing apartment complexes with the automation.  Within one year, over 225 locations had gone to automation.  In 1997, the company purchased their own trucks and started delivering the chemicals.  The company expanded their service area in 1997 into the Greenville-Spartanburg, SC area and then into the Greensboro area in 1998. 

Before 1998, all the work prior had been done on a part time basis and now Randy left his current full time job and started Caribbean Pool Service as a full time service.  Also in 1998, Randy started up a lifeguard division.  The business moved out of his personal home and into a warehouse where it ran for two years while a warehouse was being built for him to move the company into.  In 1999, Caribbean Pool Service moved into a 5,000 sq. ft. warehouse of which they occupied until 2002.  The ever-growing business had to relocate to a 13,500 sq. ft. warehouse for the business and storage requirements for the expanding company.

In 2002, Caribbean Pool Service started working exclusively as the first pool company with Trinity Manufacturing (now called Oltin Chemicals) for all bleach needs.   In 2002, due to the issues of lifeguarded pools and Caribbean Pool Service need to focus on what they do best which is chemicals and repairs, they dropped the lifeguard and pool cleaning division but still supplied chemicals to them.  They expanded service areas in 2003 into the Raleigh-Durham area.  In 2004, they started working with Accutrol Controllers to give customers complete digital automation as well as ability to monitor pools from home computers or offices as well as when emergencies happen on site that an alert is sent to emails and phones.  The business continued to grow and in 2008 they were asked to work with a pool company in Myrtle Beach, SC called Graves Pools and Spas to help them automate their pools and do wireless monitoring. 

In 2011, Caribbean Pool Service started working with General Chemicals to come up with a proprietary blend of pool acid that would benefit the pools on a regular basis while monitoring PH it would also promote phosphate removal, heavy metal, act as a fluctuant and clarifier, as well as a filter enhancer.  In 2013, we completed the experimentation with General Chemical and now had a proprietary blend of pool acid only offered by Caribbean Pool Service only offered in the Eastern United States.  In May of 2014, Caribbean Pool Service celebrated 20 years of being in the pool service business.  As of June of 2014, Caribbean Pool Service has a customer base of over 2,100 customers.